This guy has had a thing for learning languages since very little. Óscar was raised close to this town in northern Spain, an ancient Roman city and route of the Way of St. James located in the León province. He moved to Madrid at the age of 20 in order to work and study. Once there, he passed the exams giving access to the degree that he had always wanted to undertake ever since he finished high school: Translation and Interpretation. During the course of his university period, he had the opportunity to travel and to meet people from all around the globe, which allowed him to develop great intercultural communication skills.

He considers that "being able to deliver messages that convey a similar or an exact impact from one language to a completely different one is just an art".

Regarding his professional career, this northern guy has long insisted, like so many other people out there, in being recruited for a permanent position. For a big while, he thought that this would be a piece of cake, given the fact that he speaks three languages and is educated to a master's level. His eagerness to fit in led him to land jobs in important companies, where he could work with professionals of different nationalities and on projects within the communications and event management sector.

He soon realised that climbing the corporate ladder in a field in which he had limited experience would not be an easy task and that doing everything possible in his hand to have a permanent position would bring more stress than he could have ever imagined. Hence, from October 2015 and driven by various causes for which he volunteered in Brussels (special mention to Startup Europe Week), he decided to change his strategy, stopped devoting so much time to finding a job and started looking for clients instead, with the aim of being able to create his own permanent job in the long term.

As he could learn during the above-mentioned event, entrepreneurship is not an end, but a long road full of flat stretches and slopes. This website is part of that road, and Óscar would be delighted to have you, clients or freelancers, walk along with him.

Please visit our blog section, where we will be sharing more experiences, as well as other aspects related to our business activity.

We hope you enjoy it!

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